In this article I am describing about how to choose the best backup & recovery method for Microsoft SharePoint server database. Choosing the best tool for the SharePoint server depends upon the various factors like service level agreement, your need and constraints. Some of the key factors are given below on that basis you can choose the best backup and recovery methods for your SharePoint server database.

Type of backup supported (incremental, differential and full)

Complexity of managing solutions

Ability of solution that maintain database size & window

There are various tools used for maintaining backup of SharePoint server database and recovering them, which are given below.

In-build backup & recovery tools

External backup & recovery tools

Third party recovery tools

In-build backup & recovery tools: Microsoft SharePoint server offers two types of in-build backup & recovery tools, one is central administration tool and another is Stsadm command line tool.

Central administration tool: It is also known as custom backup application. It provides easy way to back up SharePoint server database. For performing a backup in MS SharePoint server, you must be a member of farm administration.

Stsadm command line tool: This command line tool is used for backup and restoring the data to protect and recover Microsoft SharePoint server database. Account used for running the command line must be a member of administrative group on the local computer.

External Backup & Recovery Tools: you can also protect SharePoint server database by some other Microsoft backup and recovery tools like SQL server, window server backup tool and system center data protection manager.

Third Party Recovery Tools: There are various third party SharePoint server recovery tool is available in the market. You will have to decide which SharePoint server recovery software is the best for you.

Stellar Phoenix SharePoint server recovery v1.0 is the advanced recovery tool that repair and restore corrupted SharePoint database (mdf file files). This SharePoint repair & restore utility is compatible with the Microsoft SharePoint server 2007 and 2010. This tool has ability to scan and retrieve all the data from the corrupted mdf files.