This article explains what type of backups used in SharePoint database, few guidelines on how to take right back type & focus on some points when take a backup. It is a disastrous situation when your Crucial Database get corrupt. That’s why I explained these points here because when our valuable database get corrupt then we can recover it easily by updated backup. Backup should be take carefully otherwise we will not able to get back our database by backup copy. If backup is not updated properly then you have another option to recover corrupt database is use of SharePoint Recovery Software. Stellar SharePoint Recovery Tool is one of the best tool to recover corrupt SharePoint database.

Back Types:

There is three backup types which supported by SharePoint database – full, differential, log.

Choose Right Backup Type:

1. Full back up option back up the entire database.
2. Differential back up option back up database changes only.
3. Log Back up option Backs up the data that is contained in the transaction log.

Focus on below points when take backup:

  • Back up your database weekly (how often should you back up?)
  • The differential backup method do not back up Index databases or Document Libraries. In this case used Full backup method back up these resources.
  • Back up the sql server database daily. It’s usually pretty small, but it’s important because it contains all your important database.
  • Schedule your backup jobs.
  • Back up your database to disk either locally or on a network server on the same switch. Then, copy the backup files/devices to tape. With many hardware failures , the disk is usually intact. Recovery will go much faster if the backup files are on disk.