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SharePoint Recovery Tool

Advanced Microsoft SharePoint recovery tool provide recovery for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 & also recover SharePoint site

* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview, all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.

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Stellar Phoenix Sharepoint Recovery Software

The most advanced SharePoint recovery tool to repair various damaged or corrupt SharePoint databases. This SharePoint Tool provide recovery for SharePoint 2007 and 2010. The SharePoint restore utility repairs the corruption or damage in the MDF file of Microsoft SharePoint database, converting it in to a new MDF file.

Microsoft SharePoint is an easy-to-share utility that brings together people, who can share, access, and manage information with each other. Complete with a load of feature this SharePoint recovery tool offers interesting options either to repair the entire database or to extract some of the SharePoint server database.

These options are:

Complete Repair

This option is helpful to entirely scan the SharePoint database and repair the MDF file corruption or damage. The repaired file is saved as a new MDF file, which can be incorporated in to the SharePoint Server.

Steps for Complete Repair

1. Open the software and click the ‘Complete Repair’ icon.

2. Using the ‘Search File’ option, select the corrupt or damaged MDF file.

3. Then click the ‘Scan’ button to initiate the scanning process.

4. As the scanning proceeds, the MDF file objects get listed in a tree structure. Click on any object to see the preview

5. Click the ‘Repair’ button to repair and save the scanned file.

6. You may be prompted to provide the name of the ‘SQL Server/Instance’.

7. Now click the ‘OK’ button to start the repair.

8. As the file is repair, the software will ask you to attach the MDF file to the SharePoint Server.

9. Click ‘Yes’, if you wish to attach the file to the SharePoint Server, else click ‘No’.

Document Recovery:

The ‘Document Recovery’ feature is useful in case any of the SharePoint site content is inaccessible & provide SharePoint recover site.

Steps for ‘Document Recovery’

1. Open the software and click on ‘Document Recovery’

2. Then click ‘Search File’ button to search and select the specific damaged or corrupt MDF file.

3. Click the ‘Scan’ button to scan and selected MDF file.

4. As the scanning proceeds, the files are listed in a tree structure.

5. Now click the ‘Repair’ button to repair and save the repaired documentation.

6. You need to provide the destination path to save the repaired documents.

Key Features of SharePoint Recovery Software

The SharePoint server recovery software is full of several useful features to effectively repair the damaged or corrupt SharePoint Server database.

– The software is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010.

– Repairs damaged or corrupt MDF database files created in Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008.

– Useful in various instances of SharePoint Server MDF database file corruption.

– Advanced scanning algorithm to for safe and efficient SharePoint MDF file repair.

– Option to repair the entire SharePoint database or extract any specific document from the SharePoint Server.

– Enables the users to attach the repaired MDF file directly to the MS SharePoint Server.

– Interactive and user-friendly interface for easy repair.

– Supports Windows Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, NT, and 9x.

Specifications of SharePoint Recovery Tool
License Types:

Lifetime License available in:

Admin License (CD+Download)

– Can install the software on multiple systems in one location

* Simultaneous recovery from multiple systems is not possible in administrator license

Technician License (CD+Download) – Can install the software on different systems in different location

* Simultaneous recovery from multiple systems is not possible in Technician license


Software Interface Available In: English

Package Details:

Name: Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server


Version: 2.0

Version Launch: August 2017

Do it yourself software

Software Components:

Box – Version

CD – 1

Systems Requirement:

Processor: Pentium class

Click this link for a list of compatible computer processors:

MS SQL Server: 2000, 2005, and 2008

Operating System: Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT, and 9x


Hard Disk: 20 MB (Minimum)


Stellar Phoenix SharePoint Server Recovery

Select Complete Repair

Enter Database Server Name

Scanning In Process

Doc File Preview Enter on Repair Button to Repair

File is Saved at Desired Location

Stellar SharePoint Recovery Tool Support

Phone Support :

USA : 1-877-778-6087

UK : +44-203-026-5337

Australia & APAC : +61-280149899

NL (Europe) :+31-208-111-188

Worldwide : +91-921-395-5509

Support is available

Monday-Friday (except holidays) 24/5